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Opaque Yard Signs | Digital 4 MM Opaque Corrugated Plastic | Digital Printed

Description - Opaque Yard Signs | Digital

4mm thick (about 1/6") opaque white corrugated plastic. This product is weatherproof and fluted for ease of mounting on steel or plastic stakes. Printed with OEM brand M&R                        
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4mm Digitally Printed Opaque White Corrugated Plastic is a great choice so images from the other side do not show through the viewed side in bright light conditions. Sheets come in 48” wide x 96” tall, and the flutes always run in the 96” direction. Vertical flutes are required if you plan to use any of our step stakes with your signs.
Digitally Printed Corrugated Plastic is printed with M&R’s UV cured inks. This ink has a matte (no gloss) finish. We only use OEM ink when digitally printing corrugated products. If you choose a decal mounted over the corrugated plastic, we print with scratch resistant, water soluble HP Latex ink. This ink has a gloss finish.
Corrugated plastic or “coro” can be expected to last 2 years or more outdoors and indoors for many years. During extreme weather conditions, coro should be brought inside. Since the ink is not protected, wipe off dirty signs gently with a cool damp cloth with no chemicals, or use a mild soap.
Free Ground Shipping on orders over $59.00. Large signs will incur a shipping charge if they must be shipped flat. Call or email for more information.
Guaranteed to be a high quality print, a minimum dpi of 600x300. Under normal weather conditions, outdoor durability of 1 year or more. Not guaranteed to withstand high wind or punctures from flying debris.
(100) 24” wide x 18” high signs or less, ordered by 5pm Eastern Standard Time, ship the next business day for free via UPS Ground. It’s 2 business days turn around for up to 250 signs, and 3 days for up to 1000 signs. For larger quantities, the price calculator will provide accurate production times for your order. If you have specific questions, please feel free to call or email us for more information.
This product is best used for events, sales, and introducing your services and products to new customers in locations where heavy traffic is experienced. Always follow local yard sign display regulations.


4mm thick (about 1/6") opaque white corrugated plastic. This product is weatherproof and fluted for ease of mounting on steel or plastic stakes. Printed with OEM brand M&R UV-cured inks. This product is affordable, recyclable and extremely versatile for a wide variety of marketing opportunities. This is the best product for easy readability in direct sunlight. Sunlight does not shine through. If the second side is printed, the ink color from the other side is not readable from the opposite side. Always follow local yard sign display regulations.

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