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Product Basics

What colors do you have available for printing?

Available Colors for printing depends upon the printing method you choose. Silk Screen signs and decals have standard colors that do not incur any additional fees. If you desire a specific silk screen color, called a PMS color, we advise you call in to discuss your job. We have color matching experts. There will be an additional charge, to hand mix ink colors, for this service. This is the only way to guarantee Brand Guidelines and Specific colors are achieved. If the product you choose is digitally printed, we can likewise print with calibrated equipment to achieve specific CMYK values. Again, a phone call is recommended.

Do you offer other Custom sizes and shapes?

We are a custom sign shop. We have sophisticated equipment that allows us to make nearly any size or shape. If our online software will not allow you to put together the combination of sizes, shapes, colors you desire, do not hesitate to call and talk to one of our pro's. If it's doable, we can offer you world class service, price, and quality, with the experience of someone who has solved many issues for our customers.

How Big Should a Letter (font) be on a Sign?

The Best Size for Numbers and Letters depends on the distance it will be viewed from, as well as how prominent that item needs to be on your signage. If every item is the same size, the overall sign often feels cluttered, and is not read thoroughly or as often. There should be one main message. A rule of thumb is 1" for every 10 feet of distance. Thus, a sign that is to be read from a road 60' away should have the main message at 6" tall. In recessed strip malls, logo's and lettering is often 18" to 24" tall. This means it will be easily read from 150' to about 240 feet away. Recognizable logo's are often a touch smaller, as we immediately recognize them without seeing every detail and subconsciously associate the symbol with the company.

Will the finished product(s) look precisely like the colors in my design proof, as I see them on my monitor?

Monitor colors vary greatly. A perfectly calibrated monitor is rare. If you would like to know the color values we will print with, you are welcome to call or email. With these values, on a monitor that has been color calibrated and has a professional Adobe product on it, you will get a true idea of the finished product. We will always try to answer color questions that you have.

What is your product guarantee?

Good Guys Signs stands behind the quality of the products we make. From ink to substrate, vinyl to foam, t-shirts to standees, we use premium products so you get the best finished product. Un-laminated decals are guaranteed for 6 months outdoors, 1 year indoors. Laminated decals are at least double both times. Corrugated plastic is warranted for 1 year outdoors, and often lasts 2 years plus. Foam board signs are meant to be displayed indoors, and are guaranteed to last at least 3 months. T-shirts can be washed a minimum of 20 times. By using name brand inks, vinyls, and substrates only (3M, HP, Epson, POP Plus, Oracal, Palight PVC, Magnum Brand magnetics, etc), you can buy with confidence knowing we can stand behind your purchase every single time. Professionals use premium materials. We are professionals.

What kind of image should I use for my Logo?

Ideally, logo's will be uploaded as an EPS file. This allows precise color instructions, sharp line work, a perfect logo. Most businesses have their logo's saved as a vector file (.eps, .ai). This is the way to upload files to get a precise result.

What resources are available for high resolution artwork?

This is the trickiest part of getting your signs or decals to look great. Starting with the highest definition image is the best way to end with something that look fantastic. Our culture is used to high def, so when we see something that is fuzzy, we often associate it with low quality. Our best recommendations to start with high definition imagery:

1) Use a premium service like Shutter Stock to purchase a high definition image, then upload it to us. Services like Shutter stock have royalty free, images that are often only $10. You can upload it to our design software and add elements to it to complete you signs.

2) We subscribe to "", with a premium account. If you see an image at the website that you would like to use, you can email us the photo name and/or number, and we will email it to you for use in your sign.

Image Quality explained

Image quality is part art, part science. Generally, low resolution website pictures look terrible on signs. Web pages need to load quickly, so people visiting a page don't leave the organization's website. If high definition pictures are on the page, the page will load slowly. Thus, nearly every internet picture you find on a storefront or news page is low definition. It might look good at 2' x 2', but will look terrible at 12' tall. Before uploading a picture, zoom in. Is it grainy? Does the edge look crisp? If not sure, email us the image, let us know how big you want it, and we will let you know if it will look good enough to be persuasive. Sometimes, for a small fee, we can use commercial software to improve the quality. Files that are 100 kilobytes (kb) or less, even up to 1000 kb, are often too low quality to use on all but the smallest signs or decals.

Google Images has the ability to display only high definition pictures- play with the settings. However, that does not mean you are legally allowed to use the image. Make sure before you use it. Often, people are honored to have someone use their picture, and say yes, if you ask nicely.

Modern camera phones take excellent images, if you choose setting that are 'high quality'. Likewise, tablets can take great pictures, usable for signage products.

Does Good Guys Signs offer Professional Graphics Services?

Good Guys Signs employs many graphics artists. Like any artisan, some are great at composition, some have more illustration skills, and some focus on commercial design. We bill for this service to the minute, so it's fair to both you and us. Hint: It is helpful to be able to communicate graphically with an artist before they begin billable work for you. If you were to go to Google Images and find the type of lettering, coloring, pictures or art you like, they will be able to deduce quite a bit from the emailed files you send them. You might not be able to explain why you like some text, but they will instantly know you prefer your text to have a bevel with an inner glow, for example. This saves you money and frustration. Call if you would like to know more.

Placing an Order

How do I confirm that you received my order?

Once you have submitted and paid for your order, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive one within 30 minutes, check your junk email folder or spam email folder. You can email us if you do not find the confirmation email there. If you entered an incorrect/misspelled email address, we will need the correct one to get the confirmation to you.

Can I make a change or correction to my order after it has been submitted?

Orders go quickly into review and production. This is how we can get your order to you quickly. We do not guarantee that you can make a change or correction to an order. The best thing to do, if the order was literally just placed, is call 1-800-614-8040.

I submitted an order, but want to add to it. What do I do?

Since many products get cheaper with more items being ordered of the same image, it's best to call in. We will custom quote the addition, so you get the very best price possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

Here is our cancellation policy Terms of Sale and Website Use

How do quantity discounts work?

Quantity discounts apply to 1 unique image bring printed the same size, multiple times. Should you desire for us to mix and match multiple items to give you a discount, we may be able to help by calling us or emailing us.


What is your turnaround time?

Most sign making takes 1-2 days. Large orders can take longer, as can decal orders that need lamination, shape cutting, or special finishes. If you are not sure if we can meet your deadline, do not hesitate to call and talk to us. We have a real, walk in the door sign shop with experienced pro's who can help meet nearly any deadline. Same day production is often possible, but we have to check with our production managers to discuss the details of your order, stock levels, etc.

How do I track my order?

You may check the status of your order by clicking on the link in your order confirmation email, or you can send an email to The order confirmation email will be fastest.

How do I change my shipping information?

If you just placed your order, it could be possible to change the destination, even into multiple destinations. Please call us immediately. We ship to multiple locations for clients daily, and can make arrangements, if it is not too late.

My product is damaged, what can be done?

If you received a product that does not live up to your expectations, please contact us thru email at, or via a phone call to 800-614-8040. We stand behind our products, and a service pro will help solve the issue.

Billing and Account Information

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Should you desire to mail a check or money order, send to: 1032 East Hillsborough Ave. , Tampa, Florida, 33604 made to: Good Guys Signs. Checks must clear before work can begin on your order. When you make a purchase with us, you are representing and warranting that any payment or credit information you provide is true, complete, and that charges you incur will be honored by your credit card company or financial institution, and you will pay the charges you incur at the posted price(s), including applicable sales tax.

Can I reorder a previous order?

Yes. You can log into your account, and re-order a previous order you have made. You can even adjust quantities, re-work the art, etc.